7 Reasons to chose car Leasing over Buying

1. Great value for money πŸ’° 

Car leasing companies such as Discovery Short Term Car Leasing (based in Dundee, Scotland) operate independently, we get the best rates from suppliers nationwide. This gives us the ability to offer our customers the most competitive rates available, helping to save you money onj your hire each month without sacrificing quality.

2. Drive a brand new car with all the latest technology πŸ“±

At Discovery short term car Leasing, we provide you with a brand new vehicle. As you don’t own the vehicle, car depreciation is no longer a problem and your monthly payments are typically lower compared with other forms of finance, so you can lease a better model.

3. Reliability. β­οΈ

Worried about not getting to work or the airport because your car might break down? The older cars get, the less reliable they become. Lease a car with us and that won’t be a problem. What if something does go wrong? With us, the car will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Avoid tying up your money 

Billionaire oil tycoon J Paul Getty said: “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.” Lease a car and you won’t be investing into something that sits outside your home losing value at a rapid rate.

5. Control how much you spend πŸ“‰

Apart from fuel and insurance, when you lease a car you know exactly what it’s going to cost you each month. Once you reach the end of your lease, you’re free to upgrade or downgrade your package to suit your budget.

6. No unexpected repair costs.πŸ’΅

With Discovery short term car Leasing, you will be driving a new, hence more reliable car. So the risk of costly items needing repaired such as timing belts, clutch, battery or AC units or smaller things like brake pads becomes very low.

7. No need for an MoT or Road Tax. 

As all our cars are almost brand new, there is no need for the hassle of an MoT (not needed until the car is 3 years old.) One less expense/responsibility for you and an added perk as a customer. 

Road tax included with all vehicles.

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